Asukoht: Tartu

Requires professionals from the construction industry, namely:
– Facade – (wet facade) – 10 – 13 euros a square
– Monolith – 50 Euro cube
– Masonry – 7 Euro square
The carpenters – 4 – 5 Euro square.
Housing relieves the employer. 3 to 4 bedroom apartments with all conveniences (washing machine, Internet, TV, utensils)
100 euros from the salary for utilities.
The accommodation is located in pesos proximity to the apartment.
Special clothing the employer buys the company from the second month of work. For the first time, you need to have your.
The food expense.
Two weeks later, the advance payment – 100 Euro.
Full payment on completion (3 – 4 weeks)
All the necessary tools issued by the employer
After months of work at the request of the person, the employer makes an invitation to the opening of the Estonian working visa for a period of one year.
From our side help with opening. Entry, Consul, escort, preparation of documents.
Tartu – Estonia




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Lisatud: 9.11.2017