2,000.00 €


Asukoht: Tartu

50 Euro cube
Can his team. If not, pick another team.
Floors: Two storey residential building
Formwork, put the running shoes. Is plywood water-resistant.
Concrete is poured into the ball with a pump.
Binding rebar
Accommodation is offered by the employer.
Utilities 100 EUR h/p.
Hours: 8 – 10. Sunday closed
Instrument issued by the employer.
After working for 10 days prepayment of 100 EUR
After a month of testing, the employer is ready to make an invitation to the employee opened the Estonian visa.
On our side, the help in registration of documents recording the Consul service.

After working days to 1.5 months, the employer buys special clothing at the expense of the company.




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Lisatud: 9.11.2017