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We are a PCC chemical group from Poland.
Chemical raw materials and semi-finished products are a wide range of materials for many purposes. The products we sell are used in shipbuilding, metallurgy, energy, agriculture, disinfection, as well as transportation and food processing industries. We are confident that the industrial chemical products we offer will be the solution for your needs.
Chemical raw materials and semi-finished products from us can be used in detergents and cosmetics as well as in construction, metallurgy and energy. Some of the chemical reagents we offer, such as sodium hydroxide, can be used in many chemical industries to prepare detergents and soaps, to adjust pH, and to produce water glass and rubber.
We offer the following chemical raw materials:
– Sodium hydroxide, Caustic soda – Flakes microgranules
– Sodium hypochlorite, technical grade S, aqueous solution
– Calcium chloride
– hydrochloric acid min. 33%
– Aspartame, E951
– Sodium hydroxide, 49-51% aqueous solution
– Magnesium chloride
– Citric acid hydrated
– Sodium carbonate, soda ash
– Granulated sulfur
– Copper sulphate pentahydrate
– 46% granular urea fertilizer
– Potassium hydroxide, flakes
– 85% formic acid, carboxylic acid
– 55% nitric acid
– Phosphoric acid, 75% orthophosphoric acid
– Edible lactic acid
– Sorbitol, sorbitol powder E420 (i)
– E202 potassium sorbate food pellets
– Fertilizers, potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate
– Baking soda with anti-caking agent E 500 (ii)
– Chlorinated lime, calcium hypochlorite
– 25% ammonia water (ammonium hydroxide)
– Sodium benzoate, agricultural silage additive
– Supply of magnesium oxide
– hydrogen peroxide, 50% aqueous solution, perhydrol
– Sulfamic acid, sulfamic acid
– Technical acetone
– Technical grade trihydrate of potassium ferrocyanide
– Antimony trioxide, technical
– Sodium sulphate, anhydrous
– Barium (II) carbonate, (barium carbonate), technical
– supply of magnesium sulphate
– Aluminum sulphate 17%
– Technical grade boric acid (boric acid)
– Potassium iodide, pure
– Monosodium glutamate (E 621)
– Technical grade sodium phosphate (trisodium phosphate)

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The shipping costs from Poland and the prices of the goods will be determined individually.
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