Reverse osmosis membrane Vontron Lp21-4040

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Reverse osmosis membrane Vontron Lp21-4040 for commercial and industrial use. It is used to clean and reduce the overall mineralization of water. It produces the highest quality purified water at low operating pressure.

Membrane type: polyamide thin-film composite.

Features of Vontron LP21-4040:

max working pressure: 42, 2 bar
max water supply: 7, 6 l / min
pH range (continuous operation): 3-10
pH range (washing up to 30 min): 2-12
max colloidal index: 5
max free chlorine concentration: <0.1 mg / l
selectivity: 99, 5 %.

We offer membranes: 4021/4040/8040-Vontron, GE (General electric), CSM.


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