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Asukoht: Narva

A young, promising male German Pomeranian waiting for brides to create offspring. Documents RKF! Description: Nickname-The Mouth Of The Old Non Grandt, Fred(Funny) Age-up to 2 years (D. R. 28.09.2014) Color – orange Height-22cm Perfectly dressed, properly built, has strong bones,strong mentality, scissors bite,incisors 6*6, friendly, active, smiling. Vaccinated. UNLEASHED!!! Fit yourself! Continued show career. Stacking rating-excellent Titles-the Candidate in Young Champions of Russia,CW, JUNCAC,RJUNCAC,Lupe ,prizes in best in show. Has an excellent pedigree: Father: Lands Capers Brand of May kennel Color – orange Height – 21 cm at the withers. Champion of Russia ,champion of RKF Mother: color – orange, adjustable.. koht tegelik asukoht koera Sankt-Peterburg, Venemaa


Анастасия Трусова


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ID: #10511

Lisatud: 12.1.2017